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Bean paste rice cake decorated with K.tradition clothes motive

54.03 USD
  • LocationSingongdeok-dong, Seoul
  • ScheduleMonday ~ Saturday ( 19:00 ~ 21:00), Sunday (10:00 / 14:00 / 18:00)
  • Duration2 Hours
  • LanguageEnglish, 日本語
Price 54.03 USD
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During their 20 years of experience as hoteliers, they witnessed an increasing number of tourists, wanting to experience traditional Korean culture. However, they found that there was only a very limited number of cultural programs that could satisfy the needs and expectations of such tourists. Realizing this, the Tak sisters asked : “How can we introduce tourists to the best parts of Korea?”


After much consideration, the Tak sisters decided to teach international visitors how to make bean paste rice cake. Not only does it look pretty and taste delicious, it’s also fun to make! However, they ran into one big problem. Rice cakes have a short shelf life and become stale within 24 hours of making. The Tak sisters had a hard time coming up with a solution.


But they did not give up! After a lot of research and a lot of trial and error, they finally found the golden ratio of rice powder to bean paste. A creative thought that started from a simple question has now become their way of making a living. At Sunnysdining you learn about traditional Korean crafts and take a look at the sisters’ beautiful handiworks.






– Make your own beautiful Korean bean paste rice cake.


– Enjoy tea and refreshments and a beautiful view of Seoul.


– The bean paste rice cakes can be packaged in traditional cloth wrapping (optional)


– Both individuals and groups can participate in the program.





Bean paste rice cake  60,000(KRW)


Crunchy Rice Gangjeong   120,000(KRW)


Choose between 2 items


Point 1 : The Tak sisters of Sunnysdining
The owners of Sunnysdining, the Tak sisters have unique careers, having worked as hoteliers for 20 years. Through their jobs they’d meet and interact with people from various countries, and this led them wonder about what they could do to contribute to cultural tourism in Korea. After a lot of consideration, they decided to introduce traditional Korean bean paste rice cakes to the rest of the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to take part in a cooking class taught by hoteliers?








Point 2 : The Tak sisters’ cooking class
The Tak sisters wanted to introduce Korean bean paste rice cake to international tourists. Its colorful appearance and chewy texture will make you fall in love with these beautiful cakes. You could even say that these aren’t so much a food, but a work of art.












Point 3 : Tak sisters: the well-rounded beauties
As you will see when you visit Sunnysdining, the Tak sisters have many talents. They’ve made everything from a mug cup series called Suny & Hoya, to small items made of traditional Korean paper and even crafts that feature Asian knot-tying techniques. As an optional part of the class, they can also show you how to beautifully package your cakes with wrapping cloth.







Point 4 : Tea time with a beautiful view
As Sunnysdining is located in a high-rise building, you can enjoy an excellent view of everyday life in Korea as you drink your tea. Trying out the bean paste rice cakes you made will make this moment even more enjoyable.








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