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Ceramic flute made with heart and sound

26.7 USD
  • LocationEunpyeong-gu, Seoul
  • ScheduleMonday ~ Friday (14:00 ~ 16:00)
  • Duration2 Hours
  • LanguageEnglish, 中文, 日本語
Price 26.7 USD
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Zino Park has put his whole heart into making unique ceramic flutes.

However, the story that led Zino to make these flutes is quite heartbreaking.

At the age of five, Zino lost his parents at a train station because he wasn’t able to hear his parents’ desperate shouts as they tried to look for him. Zino started to make small flutes with the hope that no other child had to go through his pain.

Zino became very attached to the flutes he made. This led him to challenge himself to become a teacher to share the happiness of making flutes with others. For him, becoming a teacher was a big challenge that required a lot of courage and patience because of his difficulties in hearing and interacting with students.

This is why Zino’s class is a bit different from others. Zino starts his fun class with a magic performance, and then teaches how to make a ceramic flute through Powerpoint slides. Zino’s sincere effort, rather than a fluent conversation, is the one key factor that enables him to interact with and get close to his students.

Zino will also be starting a new class in different languages. Please support Zino as he takes on a fun new challenge!



– Experience a heartwarming ceramics class led by Zino, the hearing-impaired teacher at Studio Zino.

– Both individuals and groups can participate in the program.

– Experience the whole process of making ceramics from a hands-on spinning wheel experience to a kiln tour.

– Enjoy a magic performance by teacher Zino, while having warm tea and refreshments.

– Have an unforgettable and unique flute-making experience in Korea


Point 1

A ceramic class led by a teacher with a disability
Studio Zino is a place where both, people with disabilities and non-disabled people can participate in the process of making ceramics together. It is a social enterprise that aims to communicate with the world through clay. Zino, who has a hearing and intellectual disability, is a ceramic artist and teacher at Studio Zino.



Point 2

Teacher Zino’s magic performance
Teacher Zino is a ceramic artist and magician at Studio Zino. He performs magic before the class to get closer to the participants.




Point 3

Making a ceramic flute with teacher Zino
You will be making a small ceramic flute after the magic performance. This small handmade flute will sound loud and clear and can reach volumes of over 80 dB. In fact, you could even use this small flute to protect yourself and call for help in case of an emergency.







Point 4

Hands-on spinning wheel experience and ceramic kiln tour
Studio Zino has everything you need for a great hands-on experience, from a ceramic room to a spinning wheel and kiln. Come and visit Studio Zino for a great opportunity to see and experience the whole process of making ceramics.





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