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Let your trip shine with flowers at the largest flower market in Korea!

40.52 USD
  • LocationYangjaedong, Seoul
  • ScheduleMonday ~ Sunday
  • Duration2h 30min
  • LanguageEnglish, 中文, 日本語
Price 40.52 USD
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Experience the largest flower market in Korea, located only two stops away from Gangnam Station in Yangjae-dong.
Mrs. Eunsook Noh, who is a floral design and horticulture expert, says that her passion for flowers became a turning point in her life.
Take a look at the huge variety of cut-flowers and potted plants at the flower market with Mrs. Noh, who will help translate if you have any questions for the sellers. After the market tour, you can try out Korean floral design, which is gaining popularity around the world. You will be able to choose which program you want to take part in. Make your trip special with an exciting visit to the biggest flower market in Korea.


Through this experience, you can…
– visit the largest flower market in Korea and see their auction facilities, cut flowers, and potted flower market.
– taste edible flowers when you participate in the flower market tour or floral design class.
– create your own floral design items such as a flower box, a flower cup, and a flower card.
– learn practical knowledge and information about flowers that you can use at home.
– see and purchase a variety of Korean floral design items.
– make your time in Korea special by experiencing the beauty of Korean floral design.


Point 1
Yangjae Flower Market is the largest wholesale flower market in Korea.
They offer a wide variety of cut flowers and potted plants.
You could even get an opportunity to attend a flower auction during the tour.






Point 2
Have you heard about flowers you can eat?
You will have an opportunity to taste these edible flowers during the flower market tour or during the floral design class.
Enjoy the beauty of flowers with all senses.






Point 3
“Flowers are a medium that express intangible emotions.”
says the floral design specialist Mrs. Eunsook Noh.
Experience world-class Korean floral design with floral experts who are fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese.






Point 4
Your special moments in Korea will be reflected in the flower arrangement you make.
In this experience, you will use the natural flowers of the flower market so that you can not only experience the beauty of flowers but also learn how to make your own floral design at home.
Most of all, you can feel the intangible emotions from what you create.







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