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Make beeswax candles with urban beekeepers in Seoul

73.70 USD
  • LocationHyehwa-dong, Seoul
  • ScheduleEvery month 1st and 3th week's tuesday ( 19:00 ~ 21:00 )
  • Duration2 Hours
  • LanguageEnglish
Price 73.70 USD
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Barring bad weather, urban beekeepers in Seoul take care of their bees just like farmers take care of their land.

Their treasured honey bees collect nectar and make it into beeswax. These tiny amounts of beeswax produced by each bee ultimately make up a big honeycomb.

The beeswax candles made in this class are the same type of candles that were even used during ancient times. This specific type of candle has been used for a long time for its positive effects on blood circulation, stability of the mind and body, as well as air quality.

Nowadays, we often get both, mentally and physically tired from our fast-paced lifestyles. At APE Seoul, you can take a break from your busy life and use this time to relax as you make beeswax candles. You’ll feel much lighter after chatting with others in the warm candlelight.



Making beeswax candles while listening to urban beekeepers’ fascinating stories at APE Seoul.

Have an unforgettable experience making candles out of beeswax, a material not easily found in an urban environment.

Both individuals and groups can participate in the program.


Point 1

Urban sweetness, APE Seoul
Along with making your own beeswax candle, you can also listen to the fascinating stories of beekeeping in an urban environment. These urban beekeepers also run a cafe & lifestyle shop with a theme of ‘coexistence of bees and humans’. Take a short break from your routine and enjoy great quality coffee, raw honey and other honey products, as well as Seoul and bee-themed creative design products.






Point 2

A to Z, The Story of Urban Beekeeping
Hear the fascinating stories of urban beekeepers. We’ll cover everything you ever wanted to know about bees and beeswax: from the story of bees making their honeycomb to how to produce beeswax.






Point 3

Make beeswax candles with love
Make your own candle with the materials we’ve prepared. Any distracting thoughts you may have will disappear as you focus on repeating the process of dipping the candle wick in and out of the beeswax.






Point 4

Light your handmade candle
It’s common practice around the world to light candles to commemorate those who have passed away, as candles are often associated with sincere wishes. Now it’s time for you to light your own candle and make a wish. Take a moment in front of the warm candlelight and think about what you want to wish for.





*Cookies arn’t included



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