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Traditional Korean Pottery Class

71.97 USD
  • LocationItaewon, Seoul
  • ScheduleWednesday ~ thursday (14:00~16:00)
  • Duration2 Hours
  • LanguageEnglish, 中文, 日本語
Price 71.97 USD
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We offer a special opportunity for tourists who want to experience Korean pottery through a hands-on class.

Our traditional Korean design pottery is specially designed for interior decorating and aromatherapy that uses mini candles. This pottery piece uses the shape of a traditional Korean fireplace- you can put a small candle inside the pot and add some aroma oil and water to the cauldron-shaped lid to make an aroma lamp.

The head of the workshop, Chulsoo Kim, created this special pot design to give international tourists and opportunity to learn and experience traditional Korean food culture.



The program’s highlight is receiving a pottery gift made by the previous visitor while passing on your own pottery to the next visitor who will be attending the class.

While the initial process of making the pottery will be done by the participants, the next step of finalizing the pottery will be Chulsoo’s job. Coloring, glazing, and baking will require at least 3 days to complete. However, tourists generally don’t stay in Seoul for that long.

This is why Chulsoo came up with the idea of passing on the handmade pottery to the next visitor. It also means that you will receive a piece of pottery made by the previous visitor as a gift after the class.

Who made the pottery I chose?

Who could receive the pottery I made?


Point 1

Meeting the teacher at Chulsoo’s pottery workshop in Itaewon

Meet Chulsoo Kim who runs a pottery workshop in Itaewon, where people with diverse backgrounds and nationalities meet to create pottery.



Point 2

Making the body of your pot and the cauldron-shaped lid

Teacher Chulsoo, who has his very own pot design patent, will help you make a beautiful fireplace-shaped pot.

He will also assist you in making the cauldron-shaped lid, which makes up the upper part of the pot.






Point 3

Leave a message for future visitors

After making your pot, write a message for the next visitor on the bottom of your pot.

You can also take a Polaroid picture with the pot you made and attach it to your pot, so that the next visitor can recognize you

(you can also leave your Instagram ID if you want to).





Point 4

Making connections with other visitors with your message

The main concept of this program is to pass on the pottery you made with a message attached for future visitors.

Through this practice, travelers visiting the workshop can become friends who are linked by pottery.




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