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!!!!Non-contact Experience
Non-contact Experience

Making one-of-a-kind hanji worry doll

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15.41 USD
  • Degree of difficulty Elementary
  • Freight ChargeIncluding domestic freight charge
  • Manual Provide paper manual, Provide video manual
  • Manual Languagekorean
Price 15.41 USD
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Make a hanji worry doll that will take all your worries away!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Make one-of-a-kind worry doll of your own.

- Create a cute character out of hanji, Korea's traditional paper.

- Have fun in Insa-dong Ssamzie-gil, a street of culture.

- Make a meaningful and cute present for someone that needs consolation.

- Rid yourself of all the worries you might have.



Point 1: Browse worry dolls


Meet countless worry dolls that fill up every nook and corner of Duridu Artshop!

Cute and adorable dolls made of hanji will take all your worries and troubles away.




Point 2: Make a torso


Roll up hanji to make a torso.

Dress your doll in a color you like using various hanji threads.



Point 3: Finish


Make and give your doll eyes, lips, arms and legs by using hanji.

Your cute worry doll is finished when you have created cool hairstyle with colored threads and wool.



Point 4: Gift-wrap


Gift-wrap the completed worry doll in a pretty glass bottle.

Write a prescription for your worries and fly them away in the air!




Point 5: DIY kit


Does your worry doll look lonely on its own?

We have a complete DIY kit that you can make at home.




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