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Create Your Own Personalized Chilbo (Enamel) Mirror!

  • Create Your Own Personalized Chilbo (Enamel) Mirror!
  • Create Your Own Personalized Chilbo (Enamel) Mirror!
  • Create Your Own Personalized Chilbo (Enamel) Mirror!
31.50 USD
Additional cost per weekday
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Seller gumhachilbo
Duration 1 Hour(s)
Meeting Point Myeongdong Cultural Center 2F Dooreart
Languages offered Korean, Chinese
Total Price 31.50 USD
Maximum quantity 9 Minimum quantity 1
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*Chilbo (Enamel) is... Chilbo(Enamel) is a unique craft technique by sintering colorful enamels on top of gold, silver, copper, clay or glass materials. It is used to make accessories such as ornaments, rings and hairpins that were used by nobles during the Joseon dynasty in Korea. Chilbo (Enamel) is a superior technique, famed for its artistic value in terms of its lasting and vibrant colors and unique craftsmanship. *Since its establishment in 1967, Gumha Chilbo has been continuing its pursuit of high-class art craft. It has been working on a wide range of fields which are material development, training, and exhibition & distribution. On the basis of artisans’ professional spirits, it has been around for three generations. Gumha Chilbo is a leading global company, representing Korean art craft.


• The technique of Chilbo is easy to learn and understand, anyone will be able to do it! • Quality and satisfaction are always beyond expectations because the sintering of enamel glaze (glass powder) will create unexpected beautiful products. • Choose a color and create a one-of-a-kind ring according to your taste! • Work in a cozy and comfortable space!


• One time DIY experience • Enjoy the Chilbo and Mother-Of-Pearl exhibit


• If you want to create another piece of jewelry, there will be an extra charge.


Chilbo Art Experience Table

Our cozy and comfortable workspace! Please come and learn with us!

We also have a display of our merchandise with prices from 3,000 KRW to 150,000 KRW!

Chilbo Craft Tips 

When you use the enamel powder, please try to keep it inside the lines and plates. Do not overuse the enamel powder.

Transparent Background: Either transparent or opaque grain can be used. 

Opaque Background: Opaque grain is recommended to express your desired color.

For over ten years, Gumha Chilbo has been holding various art workshops.

* There are many items that you can buy when you come to the store.

* You may take pictures.

* You can pay the fee in advance and choose the accessory frame in the store.

* The Chilbo workshop manager may not speak Chinese or English, but you can still learn Chilbo art by yourself. Instruction manuals are prepared. The manuals include easy to understand directions with pictures. In addition, an expert will help you especially when you use the electric furnace.

Learn Korean Traditional Chilbo Art!

1) Put on the colorful enamel glaze (glass powder) on the copper plate and sinter it using the electric furnace.

2) Choose your accessory frame and attach the finished copper plate.

3) Appreciate your new work of art.

Know Before You Go

Learn how to make your own personalized mirror.

Product FAQ
What is this place for? This place is reserved for our art workshop customers. (Mother-Of-Pearl, Chilbo Art)
Is reservation necessary? Reservation is necessary.
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110/220/240 Volt
Wheelchair accessible
Male and female toilets
Disabled toilet
feeding room
Stroller accessible
Parking lot
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Interpreter service
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Seller Info

Business name gumhachilbo / Kim SeonGyeong, Park SuGyeong
Telephone number +82-0269490549
Address 04528,B14, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea,
Namdaemun Underground Shopping Centre 25
Business Registration Number 1068657348
Online Transaction Business Registration No. 제2008-서울금천-0265호

Refund Policy

In case of natural disasters or severe weather incidents, the trip may be cancelled and there will be no refund. 

Cancel 7 day(s) before, 70% refund.
Cancel 1 day(s) before, 50% refund.
Cancellations made on the day of the trip and consecutive days after amount to NO refund.

The cancellation period (cooling-off period) for each payment method is as follows:
*If you try to cancel past this period, the cancellation will not be processed.
Credit Card: 1 year after purchase
Union Card: 1 year after purchase
Paypal: 180 days after purchase
Tenpay/Wechat/Alipay: 90 days after purchase


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