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Seoraksan Tour (1 night 2 days)

  • Seoraksan Tour (1 night 2 days)
384.00 USD
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Seller KSTYLE Trip
Duration 32 Hour(s)
Meeting Point Hotel of your stay
Languages offered English
Total Price 384.00 USD
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It is a tour of Seoraksan, one of the two most famous mountains in Korea (the other being Hallasan in Jeju Island). You will also be able to visit the old Sinheungsa temple and the nearby East sea. Enjoy seafood to your heart's content.


Mt. Seorak is well known as the most beautiful mountain in Korea among Korean people. Your breath will be taken away by the bizarre granite rock formations. Do some light hiking at Gongnyong Ridge to gain strength, and enjoy the sights of Cheonbuldong Valley. You will also be able to appreciate the beauty of Mt. Seorak as you ride the cable car to Gwongeumseong Fortress. Since Mt. Seorak is located near the East Sea, you will be able to visit Sinheungsa Temple as well as eat delicious seafood.


• Hotel accommodation (lunch included) • Guide • One dinner • Cable car ticket • Uisangdae Pavilion ticket • Transportation • Hanbok rental • Kimchi experience


• Guide's tip • Meals not included in the trip


• There will be a visit to a duty free shop. • The cable car is famous. The ride up to "Gwongeumseong" will provide you beautiful sights of the mountain. Enjoy Sokcho’s specialty foods; stuffed squid, grilled, other fresh seafoods and sweet and sour chicken. This area is also famous for its drip coffee.


Airport Pick-up → Move to Seoraksan - Gwongeumseong Cable Car

Gwongeumseong: When you ride the cable car to Gwongeumseong, you will be able to see the view of Seorak. If the weather is good you might also be able to see a view of the East Sea.


Sinheungsa Temple

A must-see spot when visiting Seoraksan, this temple was built almost 1360 years ago.


East Sea

Walk through Naksan Beach and Daepo Port and appreciate the beauty of the winter sea.


Hanbok and Kimchi Experience

The tour ends with an experience that will help you feel closer to Korea by trying on Hanboks and learning how to make Kimchi.

Know Before You Go

A Seoraksan tour with inclusive lodging.

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Is reservation necessary? Yes
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Business name KSTYLE Trip /
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Refund Policy

In case of natural disasters or severe weather incidents, the trip may be cancelled and there will be no refund. 

Cancel 10 day(s) before, 100% refund.
Cancel 7 day(s) before, 50% refund.
Cancel 0 day(s) before, 0% refund.
Cancellations made on the day of the trip and consecutive days after amount to NO refund.


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