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[aT센터 화훼공판장]다양한 꽃 체험, 양재동 꽃시장 투어

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45,000 KRW
  • 지역강남/잠실
  • 운영시간월 ~ 토 (10:00 ~12:00)
  • 소요시간 2시간
  • 제공언어영어, 중국어, 일본어, 한국어
가격 45,000 KRW
강남에서 지하철로 두 정거장 거리인 양재동의 대한민국에서 가장 큰 화훼 공판장을 구경하고 "프라워박스"에 꽃 향기를 가득 담아 가세요!
이곳에서 꽃 디자인과 원예체험 등의 꽃 체험 전문가로 활동하고 있는 노은숙 님은, 꽃에 대한 애정과 열정 덕분에 삶의 전환점을 맞았다고 이야기합니다. 통역사 출신 꽃 전문가인 그녀의 도움을 받아, 꽃 시장 내의 다양한 절화와 분화를 구경하세요. 관람이 끝난 후에는, 국제적으로 인기를 끌고 있는 우리의 꽃 디자인을 직접 체험해보세요.

이 체험을 통해 당신은
- 대한민국에서 가장 큰 화훼 도매시장에서 경매시설, 절화시장, 분화시장 등을 구경할 수 있습니다.
- (투어 또는 꽃 디자인 체험시에) 식용꽃을 직접 맛볼 수 있습니다.
- 생화를 활용하여 플라워박스나 플라워컵, 플라워카드 등 멋진 꽃 디자인 소품을 만들 수 있습니다.
- 오랜 경력을 가진 꽃 전문가의 도움을 받아, 가정 등에서 응용할 수 있는 유용한 기법을 배울 수 있습니다.
- 다양한 꽃 디자인 소품을 구경하고, 원한다면 구매할 수도 있습니다.


-60분: 꽃 체험 클래스(플라워박스 만들기)
-50분: 꽃 시장 투어 (양재동 aT센터 화훼공판장)
-10분: 마무리

포인트 1
양재동 화훼공판장은 한국에서 가장 큰 꽃 도매시장입니다.
이곳에서 당신은 다양한 종류의 절화와 분화를 볼 수 있습니다.
또한, 투어 시 당신은 때때로 꽃 경매가 이루어지는 모습을 관람할 수도 있습니다.




포인트 2
먹을 수 있는 꽃이 있다는 걸 알고 있나요?
꽃 시장을 구경하며 혹은 꽃 디자인 소품을 만들며 당신은 식용 꽃을 맛보는 기회를 갖게 될 것입니다.
시각과 후각뿐만 아니라 당신의 미각을 통해서도 꽃의 아름다움을 느껴 보세요!




포인트 3
꽃 전문가 (Mrs.)노은숙 님은 말합니다.
“꽃은 무형의 감동을 전하는 매개체라고 생각해요.”
노은숙 님을 비롯하여 영어, 중국어, 일본어를 능숙하게 구사하는 꽃 전문가들과 함께
세계 최고 수준의 한국 꽃 디자인을 경험하세요.




포인트 4
당신은 양재동 aT센터 화훼공판장에서의 특별한 순간을 꽃에 담아 간직할 수 있습니다.
이 체험에서는 한국의 생화를 사용하여,
당신에게 생생한 아름다움뿐만 아니라 무형의 감동을 선사합니다.




체험 장소
리뷰 (15)
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  • Ma***M***2019-06-17
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Me encantò la experiencia!!♡♡♡♡ Lo recomiendo 100%%%%%♡♡♡☆☆☆
  • laso*****@*********2018-11-29
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I really enjoyed my experience at the Yangjae Flower Market! The teachers were very thorough in their explanation of the flowers and even gave me extra information on a flower I had at home that I couldn't recall the name of! The flower box they helped me to create came out absolutely gorgeous and the receiver of it loved it as well! The flowers used were stunning and the ones in the market itself were beautiful, I definitely will be going back for another class and to buy more flowers.
  • luna*****@*********2018-11-28
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    This experience is a perfect escape from the dreary winter weather. It was beautiful and making flower boxes was incredibly relaxing for me. I would definitely recommend this class if you have an event you are preparing for that you need a gift for, or if you want an interesting date experience!
  • Li***G***2018-11-22
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Me encantò la experiencia!!♡♡♡♡ Lo recomiendo 100%%%%%♡♡♡☆☆☆
  • Li***G***2018-11-19
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Such a relaxing and very interesting activity, it was my first time ever to design a flower arrangement and it turned out ti be fantastic. Also, I visiting the flower market is a wonderful experience! The teacher speaks fluent English and the staff was very kind and caring. I wanna try it again!
  • Je*** K**2018-10-01
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    The whole process of making a Flower Box from the Yangjae Flower Market Tour is interesting. Making a Flower Box was easier than I expected, so even the children who attended the same class could join.So Easy:) The color of the flower in a Flower Box depends on the conditions of the flowers of the day. If you interested, I recommend you to visit this class more than once.♡ Tip. In summer, you can see the most beautiful flowers.
  • Je****** S***2018-09-20
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    It was a great experience in Seoul Korea. The staffs were super kind, and the class was pretty easy to follow even it was my first time to make flower box. I've never seen a flower market in NewZealand so it was a very first experience to enjoy the flower market. You can tour the biggest flower market in Seoul for an hour with lovely staffs before the class, and can enjoy the making flower box class (staffs speaking Eng, Kor, Jap, and Chin are there. You don't need to worry about the language). Highly recommend it for everyone wanna enjoy flowers, free market tour, and class with super kind people!
  • Ch** T***2018-09-19
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I am so glad I was able to attend this workshop. Whilst early in the morning I have been able to discover a new hobby for myself. I have to admit I used to be slightly skeptical of attending a flower arrangement workshop but not I couldn't be happier that I went. The whole experience was incredibly enjoyable, easy to follow, the staff were beyond kind, AND you walk away with the most beautiful flowers. I highly highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested. It will definitely not be an experience you will regret. Would totally do this again!
  • Pa**** Le*** H***2018-09-19
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I highly recommend this workshop! Everyone involved was so friendly and welcoming, and it was a really relaxing and fun exeperience! We first took a tour of the flower market, and I was shocked at how big the market was (my friend and I even went back after the workshop was over to buy more flowers! haha). Then it was time for the workshop! We were offered snacks and tea which was super nice.. We made a flower box and then a flower cup with the leftover flowers. It was definitely worth it, and I would do it again!!
  • JaneHendrix2018-08-26
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    It was amazing experience. The teacher was very nice and sweet. Flower class gave me lots of fun and inspiration. I would like to recommend this flower box class to my friends.
  • Ana2018-08-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    We can have a great time walking in the flower market observing a lot of diversity and preparing the box and cup with beautiful flowers which gave me a really good time! Especially I enjoyed the cup idea and loved seeing flowers which is different from my country's :)
  • Jasmin2018-08-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I came here with my friend because we just like flowers a lot. But we didn't think it would be such a nice experience. The flower market is beautiful and we got to know a lot of new flowers that don't exist in our country. The flower box making was a lot of fun! I will never forget that! :)
  • Maria2018-08-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Flowers are beautiful, thank you for showing us around the markey and teaching us how to make beautiful flower boxes. It was nice to have a guideline and then be allowed to decorate the box as we like. Flowers make the world a more beautiful place, thank you for allowing us to share the beauty of flowers with those at home. 감사합니다.
  • Ponika2018-08-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I love the various flowers and I truly enjoy making flower box experience. It's really beautiful and easy :)
  • Yu2018-08-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    We had a wonderful class that we studied how to make a flower box.


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