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Arts & Culture

Caricature drawing experience

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23.11 USD
  • Location City Hall / Myeong-dong
  • ScheduleMon, Tue, Sat (13:00 ~ 18:00)
  • Duration 1H 30M
  • LanguageEnglish, korean
Price 23.11 USD
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Draw caricatures of yourself or your loved ones!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Draw your loved ones in an easy and exciting way.

- Find facial characteristics and discover new facial feature while drawing them.

- Give a meaningful gift to your family, loved ones, or friends.

- See caricatures of other people after completing your drawing.

Point 1 : Draw Your Own Caricature

A Moment in Time is a caricature gallery operated by Lee Su-yeon, an artist with 10 years of experience.

Draw your own caricature, inspired by artworks exhibited in the gallery.

You can express figures of your family, friends, celebrities or yourself in easy and interesting ways.

A caricature, which shows the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way, is an attractive drawing as it can create a comic or hilarious effect.


Point 2 : A Caricature with Traditional Korean Culture

Dress your figure in Hanbok, the traditional Korean costume.

You can choose a hanbok and accessories that you like and color them as you want.

Make a caricature of Korean style with a background of the royal palace.

You will have a unique drawing that has both Korean traditional culture and yourself of the present.


Point 3 : Special Experience & Meaningful Gift

Focus on your face that you always see in the mirror, and express it with drawing.

Meet another side of you by finding the characteristics of your face and expressing it.

You can also give the caricature that you created as a gift to your family, lover or friends.


20-1, Samil-daero 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reviews (5)
  • Ca***J***2019-11-04
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    One of the best activities I could have choosen in this trip! The teacher was super nice and helpful as were newbies at drawing, she was patient and the mood was just perfect ???? Thank you so much for helping us create wonderful memories~
  • Li***g***2019-11-04
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I attended with my BF and we loved it! we had a great time trying to draw us each other as we thought it would be an amazing souvenir to bring back home ???? Thank you for offering this class!
  • Kim J.A2019-07-22
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    인물의 특징을 살려서 캐리커처 한다는게 신기하고 재미있었음
  • Yang J.H2019-07-22
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    "유명인물의 포인트를 알기쉽게 강의해주셔서 초보임에도 그리기 편했습니다 체험도하고 선생님이 그려주신 각자 본인의 얼굴 채색도 가능해서 좋았습니다"
  • Yoon H.J2019-07-22
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    내얼굴에 특징을 재미있게 잡아주고 한국에 대한 옛 의상이 함께 그려져서 한국에 놀러왔을때좋은 추억이되는 체험이였다^^친구랑 함께라면 서로 작품을 보며 웃을수있는 기억이되는것같다~


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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