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50,000 KRW
  • 지역 건대/성수
  • 운영시간토 (10:00 ~ 14:00)
  • 소요시간 2시간
  • 제공언어영어, 중국어, 일본어, 한국어
가격 50,000 KRW
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하나뿐인 동물얼굴 폼폼 인형을 만들어보세요!


이 체험을 통해 당신은···

- 털실로 다양한 동물인형을 만들 수 있습니다.

- 포근하고 따뜻한 털실의 감촉이 진짜 동물을 만지는 듯한 느낌을 줍니다.

- 친절한 선생님의 도움과 설명으로 쉽고 재미있게 체험을 진행할 수 있습니다.

- 한 땀 한 땀 인형을 만들며 특별한 추억을 남길 수 있습니다.

포인트 1: 멍멍모아의 강아지 친구들

혹시 귀여운 강아지 한 마리 입양해보실 생각 있으세요?

그럼, 여기 멍멍모아의 강아지들을 한 번 만나보세요.


포인트 2: 나만의 강아지 인형 만들기

멍멍모아에서는 사진처럼 귀여운 강아지 인형을 만들어볼 수 있답니다!

어떤 친구든 상관없어요! 이곳에서 만든 강아지 인형을 입양하는 건 자유니까요!



포인트 3: 손재주가 없어도 OK!

어려워 보인다고요? 걱정하지 마세요! 멍멍모아의 선생님이 옆에서 든든하게 도와줄 거거든요!

서투르더라도 미경씨와 함께 천천히 한 땀씩 더하다 보면 어느새 당신 앞에는 귀여운 강아지 친구가 앉아있을 거예요.

체험 장소
대한민국 서울특별시 광진구 자양4동 아차산로30길 36
리뷰 (10)
  • Christina B2019-07-02
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Wow! Mi Park teacher, is so talented. Her examples are very accurate and adorable! She was very patient, even though I donu2019t speak a lot of Korean and her English is better than she thinksu2026 but we both needed the translation app. God bless technology. She walked me through step-by-step, helped encourage me when I got stuck. Helped to show me all the little helpful things that sheu2019s learned over the time sheu2019s been making these. Sheu2019s a very good teacher. She has a really good idea of how many materials youu2019re going to need, and sheu2019s made her own books to show you step-by-step with pictures and English how to do it. And she has everything there set up. Sheu2019s very caring about her students. I had an upset stomach.. And she made me feel very comfortable. She is one talented lady. I would highly recommend this place to anyone! You will learn a lot and have a lot of fun.
  • PaytonLeighHunt2018-12-07
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I wasn't really sure how my keychain would turn out because I'm usually not good at these types of things, but the instructor was so kind and really helped guide me through the difficult parts! There were many puppy options to choose from to create, and mine came out so cute!
  • ChenTeng2018-12-02
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    It was really a lot of fun making my dog keychain. I am extremely happy with how it came out ... beyond cute in case you were wondering. The instructor was extremely helpful and the atmosphere during the workshop was very bright and cheerful.
  • Jenikah Joy2018-11-14
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Although it was more difficult than I expected. The class was fun + the teacher was very helpful. I would try it again! 감사합니다 ^^
  • Julie Costa2018-11-14
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Easy step-by-step explanations and a cute result!
  • Regina Ganzhina2018-11-14
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Before coming here I was suprised about the schedule b/c it said the activity would take about 2 hours. As I started making it I thought 2 hours was not enough loved it! Even thought it was much more difficult tan I thought!>0<
  • Wong Boon Chin2018-11-14
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Teacher is very kind and helpful. She also explained every detail well. It is really fun and I enjoy the process a lot.^^
  • Roxane Barth2018-11-13
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I had a great time! The teacher was very nice and patient. I will definitely recommend this to my friends! 촣은 경험을 만들어주셔서 감사합니다! merci!^^
  • SU YU CHING2018-11-13
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I had a good time here puppy toy is cute and teacher is nice. She teaches well.
  • Yuna2018-09-10
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    How to make the doll was very interesting. There was some sample puppy and another cute animals. That needed a lot of concentration and I liked that I would concentrate only on doll. I was worried because it looked a little difficult, but I didn't have to worry at all because the teacher to care me the difficult part! :)


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