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humming b humming b is 'base camp' for travellers, preparing to offer valuable experience through a sharing economy model.
In cooperation with the Seoul Metropolitan City, humming b is offering opportunities to travel like Seoul locals for individual and group travellers.
With humming b, you can enjoy serendipidities in Seoul's daily scenes with stories full of Korean emotions as well as abubdant cultural content.
Customized services are also available to suit the various needs of international travellers.
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COSMO.JIN We offer services to Global Enterprise CEOs, Hollywood stars, international politicians and businessmen with other important international guests.
With trips like “Visit Korea’s Oldest Restaurant,” “Get to Know Hallyu TV Stars,” “Stay in a Beautifully Decorated Hotel,” “Visit Korea’s Greatest Driving Road,”
Cosmojin will provide services that fit our clients' interests and needs.
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GOOD TRAVEL We seek to provide local and fair trade tourism with our modern and accommodating travel agency.
With participation from local regions, we aim to uphold responsible tourism that gives respect and regard to the history, environment and economy of the regions, allowing for fun and interesting experiences for our client travellers.
We aspire for environmentally sustainable travels to create special connections with the locals and travellers.
Nationwide, we have 104 resident communities with over 1,244 people participating in community enterprises. With support from the national government, local governments, businesses, establishments, schools and other public offices as well as civilian organizations and higher institutes, we work on projects such as benchmarking exemplary cases, developing socio-economic reports and hosting academic seminars.
We also design training programs to suit the various needs of different organizations, goals and themes.
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