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QHow do I book and use the products featured on your website?
AClick the categories of experiences on menu bar to explore. You can also search for specific items by clicking on the magnifying glass icon, which will open up a search bar.
QWhere can I get more details about products, schedule changes, or my reservation?
AFor information about specific purchases, bookings, or reservations, please visit the relevant partner’s website or contact them directly.
QIs it OK to use content on One More Trip, such as images, videos for other purposes?
AReuse of all content published on One More Trip is subject to Category 3 of the Korea Open Government License (KOGL), which allows both commercial and non-commercial useage as is, however the creation of derivative works through alterations to the original is prohibited.
QHow do I upload my content to One More Trip?
AThose interested in submitting content designed to show the hidden beauty of Seoul, especially to foreign tourists, for use on One More Trip should email