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DIY Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl Experience

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  • Location

    Gangnam / Jamsil

  • Schedule

    Weekdays (10:00 – 19:00)

  • Duration


  • Language

    English, korean


11.56 USD
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Make your own mother-of-pearl artwork by attaching mother-of-pearl pieces on drawings!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Make Korean traditional mother-of-pearl craft.

- Use various mother-of-pearl technique to make your own mother-of-pearl drawings, brooches, photo frames, jewelry boxes, and smartphone griptoks.

- Learn about the history of traditional mother-of-pearl crafts by a mother-of-pearl artist.

- Make precious memories while making one-of-a-kind mother-of-pearl crafts.

Point 1 : DIY Mother-of-Pearl Crafts Experience – Postcard ‘Story of Seoul’

Create a mother-of-pearl postcard using Korea’s traditional lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl technique.

Create a postcard packed with various stories of Seoul using the traditional mother-of-pearl pattern manufacturing technique.

Your own Seoul postcard decorated by yourself will be the perfect keepsake from your visit to Korea.


Point 2 : DIY Mother-of-Pearl Crafts Experience – Picture Frame ‘Story of Seoul’

This is a mother-of-pearl crafts experience, which offers an opportunity for you to decorate a beautiful frame with a background of Seoul.

Decorate the frame by learning various mother-of-pearl techniques.

Your own frame crafts will help you remember Korea for a long time.


Point 3 : DIY Mother-of-Pearl Crafts Experience – Brooch

Create your own brooch by learning Korea’s various traditional mother-of-pearl pattern manufacturing techniques.

Point 4 : DIY Mother-of-Pearl Crafts Experience – Mini Jewel Box

Create a mini jewel box using a traditional technique of attaching cut mother-of-pearl for the decoration.

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2814, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Reviews (2)
  • Lum ** ***2019-07-11
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    Super fun program! Traditional Korean art made modern and achievable in 1 hour! Learnt so much about the traditional art in korea! The staff were very kind too and spoke English. Totally recommend it as an activity to experience something new either alone or with friends. Would do again! It’s okay if you’re bad at art. It’s so relaxing here.
  • Nguyen *** *****2019-07-11
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Fun program for who likes handicraft along with discover another aspect of Korean Culture. The host is so nicel and I've got some sourvenir made by me.


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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