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!!!!Non-contact Experience
Non-contact Experience

Try an artistic hobby (modern minhwa, Oriental painting, calligraphy, etc.) you’ll never regret

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11.94 USD
  • Degree of difficulty Elementary
  • Freight ChargeIncluding domestic freight charge
  • Manual Provide video manual
  • Manual Languagekorean
Price 11.94 USD
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Soothe your mind while drawing on a calligraphy paper!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Complete trendy yet traditional Korean work of art!

- Experience Oriental painting in an easy and friendly way.

- Paint refreshing greenery work as you like.

- Fully concentrate on yourself while painting on a calligraphy paper.

- Utilize the modern minhwa work as a home decor item.

Point 1. Choose a sketch 

Pick a sketch that you like among various selections.



Point 2.  Find out the meaning of minwha 

Do you know why “haetae,” an imaginary animal from Korean mythology, stands only in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace? You will get to know fun facts about minhwa through this class!



Point 3. Under-coloring 

Pain the under-color on a sketch. Feel free to paint as you like as it can be reapplied with another paint on top.



Point 4. Color 

Use the Barim technique to express a three-dimensional effect Barim technique is one of the traditional coloring technique used in the Oriental painting. By coloring lightly or making it dark, it makes gradient effect.



Point 5. Finish

Add some details and finish the minhwa work!



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