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Making neon sign interior props

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  • Location

    Gangnam / Jamsil

  • Schedule

    Weekdays (13:30 – 21:00)

  • Duration


  • Language

    English, korean


26.19 USD
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Use colorful neon signs to make unique interior decorations!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Make one and only neon sign using neon light tubes with various colors and thicknesses.

- Design your own neon sign with phrases, logos, and pictures.

- Learn neon sign crafts from a lighting experts.

- Give your friend a wonderful gift containing special meanings.

- Decorate your room with a symbolic interior decoration.

Point 1: Colorful Neon Sign

Choose the preferred neon line from the various colors and thicknesses.


Point 2: Design Neon Sign

Design a neon sign with your favorite phrase, logo, and other symbolic signs that shows your own style.


Point 3: Using sample designs

Create a neon sign by referring to the sensuous sample designs of SMOO:D.


Point 4: Pick Attachment Plate

Choose from appealing canvas, a clean acrylic plate, or a sensuous mesh net that suits your neon sign the best.


Point 5: Take a photo

Take a photo of your work at the dreamy photo zone.


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42, Seocho-daero 78-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reviews (3)
  • Hyemin *****2020-08-24
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    Highly recommend this activity! You can think of what you want to make freely (or you can choose from already made designs) then teachers will help you a lot to make it perfectly! 2 hours of time flies while making your own neon sign. It was absolutely worth time!♡
  • Pan *****2020-08-24
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    The experience took a very long time and it’s very challenging, but the final results are very satisfying and rewarding! I would totally come again for it, after all the neon sign it’s a really pretty decoration in the room!!~
  • 문**2020-08-24
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    예전부터 꼭 만들어보고 싶었던 건데, 생각보다 어려웠어요. 그런데 강사님이 옆에서 친절하게 계속 봐주셔서 완전 예쁘게 마무리할 수 있었습니다! 3:1이었음에도 1:1같았던 수업 감사합니다:) 다음에 꼭 또 수업 듣고 싶어요~!!


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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