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DIY kit for BTS canvas picture frame (painting, cubic painting)

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28.12 USD
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Express BTS, your favorite artist, on a canvas frame!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Make BTS official merchandise under official license with HYBE IP.

- Make a canvas picture frame of your favorite artist, BTS.

- Forget about stress from life, working on sparkling beads one by one.

- Complete high-quality artwork regardless of gender or age, as all you need to do is plastering beads or coloring according to the numbering.

- Use the canvas to decorate your room as the kit comes complete with the ingredients, tools, a frame and a wall mount.

Point 1:  Check components

Check that you have everything from the canvas, beads, glue stick, pen to tray in the kit.




Point 2:  Align the beads

 Put the beads you want on a tray and give it a light shake to align the beads in line.




Point 3:  Put glue on a pen

 Push the pen deep into the glue stick, then stamp it on the front side of a bead.




Point 4:  Put the beads

Carefully peel off the protective film of the canvas, and put the bead of the same number to each number.




Point 5:  Finish

After you have put all the beads, press it firmly with a thick book to fix the beads in place.

With the completed picture frame, change the mood of your room.

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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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