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Flower tea therapy

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    Everyday (11:00~12:00, 18:00~19:00)

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Learn floral tea recipe that suits you!


Through this experience, you will be able···

- Learn the surprising benefits of floral tea.

- Learn traditional tea ceremony manners and how to make floral tea from a tea ceremony expert.

- Use edible, seasonal flowers to make seasonal floral tea.

- Find floral tea of your preference from among the various ingredients.

- Learn floral tea recipe that suits you.

Point 1 : Colorful flower tea exhibition

There are colorful flower petals exhibited at KFTCA.

While looking at the flower petals with aromatic scents of flower teas, you will find yourself taking today’s flower tea class.


Point 2 : Tea ceremony class with an expert

Drink a cup of aromatic flower tea.

Your whole body will be full of warmth, and you will feel relaxed.

How did you like the taste of flower tea prepared by an expert?

The expert who brewed this flower tea will teach you the traditional tea ceremony and how to brew flower tea.

Tea ceremony is a way of drinking tea with a formal setting and etiquette.

Learn the excellent benefits and the culture of flower tea.


Point 3 : Seasonal flower tea making

Edible flowers of each season are used to make flower teas.

First, arrange prepared flowers to be good for tea.

Slightly roast the flowers on the pan. Do not burn.

Cool off the roasted flowers with fan, and set the flowers afloat on warm water.

Flower Tea will be slowly brewed.

Point 4 : Finding flower tea suitable for me

There are so many types of flower teas with different benefits such as magnolia tea that gives warmth to cold body,

chrysanthemum tea that reduces body fatigue and rose tea that is good for skin.

Find a flower tea perfect for your body among tens of flower teas prepared at KFTCA.

Learn its recipe and enjoy afternoon tea at home!

It’ll be the best way to calm your mind and body.

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100, Neungdong-ro 24-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reviews (2)
  • Aul**2019-09-17
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    The teacher/owner is very calm in explaining. We got to try drinking the tea and she prepared some dessert. What I like the most was making the tea. However, I wish that we made 2 kind of tea.
  • Marg****2019-09-17
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    I loved the aesthetics at the host’s home and I since I also enjoy drinking tea very much, I believe that this program truly matched my lifestyle in general.


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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