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50% discount promotion for Seoul Experience Tour with Frientrip
Seoul is perfect for a trip in the cool autumn breeze.
Let's go with One More Trip X Frientrip!!
Enjoy it with a 50% discount and if you leave a photo review, we'll give you a generous prize!!

1) Promotion 1 - 50% discount coupon
▪️Autumn travel event with One More Trip and Prip
▪️You can see a night view tour where you can feel the cool autumn and small and cute workshops!
▪️Let's enjoy a 50% discount on our trip to Seoul in beautiful autumn

>> 50% discount period: 2023.9.4 ~ 9.17
* Maximum discount amount KRW 25,000
* Up to 10 discounts per account

2) Promotion 2 - Photo Review Event
▪️ After a pleasant trip to Seoul during the event, give a prize when writing 📷 photo review 📷

>> How to participate
STEP.1) Purchase and experience the product with 50% coupon from Frientrip
STEP.2) Leave a photo review of the product
STEP.3) If you upload it to your SNS, the probability of winning increases

>> Photo review period: 2023.9.4 ~ 9.24

>> Announcement of winners: 2023.9.25

>> Event giveaway
- Westin Chosun Hotel accommodation (1 winner )
- Shinsegae Department Store 100,000 won Gift Certificate (3 winner)
- Naver Pay 50,000 won bill (5 winner)
- 30,000 won gift certificate (10 winner)
- Frip 10,000 energy (30 winner)

* Discount coupons only apply to the One More Trip program in 2023
* Discount coupons can be used within 7 days from the date of issuance, and up to 10 per ID
* This event may be terminated early without prior notice when benefits are exhausted
* Participation is recognized only for photo reviews of programs purchased during the event, and individual contact to the winners.
* Posts made for review events can be used for marketing One More Trip in the future.
* In the case of a prize worth more than 50,000 won, the winner of the tax deduction charge of 22% shall pay himself/herself


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