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One-month stay in Seoul & private photography class

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1,386.75 USD
  • Location Itaewon / Yeouido
  • ScheduleEveryday(17:00~22:00)
  • Duration 2H
  • Languagekorean
Price 1,386.75 USD
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Enjoy the view of Seoul and take photos from a guest house!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Enjoy a view of Seoul and N Seoul Tower from a guest house near Itaewon.

- Learn photography techniques for better photos by the owner and skilled photographer.

- Enjoy a chicken party with multinational guests.

- Take a walk to the nearby Namsan Mountain.

Point 1 : Staying for one month at a guest house in Seoul

Photo Park is a guest house near Itaewon

that has the view of N Seoul Tower in the center of Seoul.

Especially, you will see the panoramic view of Seoul on the rooftop.

Take your time and relax at Photo Park with the refreshing view.


Point 2 : Photoshoot class by Photo Park, a veteran photographer

Park Jae-heon, the owner of Photo Park, is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience.

He started this photoshoot class to present special experiences to foreigners who visit Korea.

In addition to the nice view from the rooftop, Photo Park has a lot of things

to see such as jars for soy sauce under the wall, the fireplace, and nice spots to take photos.

Learn photoshoot techniques and take good photos at the various spots.


Point 3 : Chimaek(fried chicken and beer) Party with people from all over the world

Photo Park is a global guest house where people from different countries gather.

You will have a good time to get to know with people of different nationalities and to understand their cultures.

You can also watch Korean dramas and eat Korean food with your new friends!

How about having a Chimaek party on the rooftop?


6-5, Sinheung-ro 27-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reviews (2)
  • El*** St*****2019-08-13
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    The view is so beautiful, I am really glad I got to see this side of Seoul through this program. The program was enjoyable. I enjoyed my evening and the view over the city was really appreciated.
  • Ma****** Ki*******2019-08-13
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    It was great to meet people who had just come to Korea for the first time. It reminded me of my experience two years ago and brought back some good memories. The host was very friendly and drinking together did not feel awkward. I also liked the location of the hostel since it has a beautiful view and I think he can offer daily photography sessions as well.


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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