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Recruiting the 3rd “Tour-tainers”

Ontact trip, On-air Seoul

We are recruiting the 3rd "Tour-tainers",
the Seoul Experience-Tourism video creators.

1. Recruitment Overview
○ Application period: 2020. 6. 22. (Mon) ~ 7. 13 (Mon) 18:00
○ Recruitment Number: Total 10 teams of video creators
- Individual/team application available (up to 2 people when applying as a team)
○ Qualification
- Domestic and foreign residents residing in Korea (requires domestic stay during the activity period)
- Applicant who upload video clips on their own Social Media sites(Youtube, Facebook, etc.) and have more than 1,000 subscribers
- Applicant who are capable of producing video, recording narration and subtitling
○ Result Announcement: 2020. 7. 17.(Fri)
- Please check the announcement ONE MORE TRIP website or we will contact you individually
2. How to apply
○ Submit the application through the 'Apply' link below during the recruitment period
- All forms must be completed in the application form including the ‘Required submission’
○ Required submission: Choose one of the following 5 themes and submit a video URL that fits the theme
- Theme : Select among Daily, Food, Entertainment, Beauty/fashion, Sports
- Subject : The real image of Seoul that you want to show
- Video format and length : free
- If the video fits the topic, you can submit the previously produced video
3. Activity period and contents
○ Activity period: 2020. 7. ~ 11. (about 4 months)
○ Activities
- Producing video contents containing Seoul's Experience-tours of ONE MORE TRIP (total 3 times)
- Provided specialized training for Tour-tainers by video production experts (total 3 times)
- Participating one participant-on-one tour product matching program and making reviews
- Participating Tour-tainer opening ceremony and disbanding ceremony
○ Activity benefits
- Tour-tainers will be provided with a total of 3 million won in support creating video contents
- Tour-tainers will be offered with a free opportunity to experience tour products of ONE MORE TRIP.
- Issue an appointment letter and a certificate of Seoul Tourism Organization official tour-tainer
- Select and award excellent tour-tainers
4. Notes
○ If the submitted information on the application are incorrect, those applicants are automatically excluded from selection.
○ Tour-tainer schedule, programs, awards, etc. are subject to change depending on circumstances
5. Inquiries
○ 2020 Tour-tainer office
- / 02-6397-3336