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Ceramic flute made with heart

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22.44 USD
  • Location Others
  • ScheduleWeekdays (09:00 – 18:00)
  • Duration 1H 30M
  • Languagekorean
Price 22.44 USD
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Use clay to make special ceramic flute!


Through this experience, you will be able to···

- Make your very own ceramic flute at Spring Shine, a special ceramics workshop for both the persons with and without disabilities.

- Experience the entire process of ceramics.

- Enjoy a magic show with warm tea and refreshments.

- Easily and pleasantly make ceramic flute with detailed instructions presented through a Powerpoint presentation.

Point 1 : A ceramic class led by a teacher with a disability

Sping Shine is a place where both, people with disabilities and non-disabled people can participate in the process of making ceramics together.

It is a social enterprise that aims to communicate with the world through clay.

Zino, who has a hearing and intellectual disability, is a ceramic artist and teacher at Sping Shine.

Ceramic flute made with heart and sound


Point 2 : Teacher Zino’s magic performance

Teacher Zino is a ceramic artist and magician at Sping Shine. He performs magic before the class to get closer to the participants.

Ceramic flute made with heart and soundCeramic flute made with heart and sound


Point 3 : Making a ceramic flute with teacher Zino

You will be making a small ceramic flute after the magic performance.

This small handmade flute will sound loud and clear and can reach volumes of over 80 dB.

In fact, you could even use this small flute to protect yourself and call for help in case of an emergency.

Ceramic flute made with heart and soundCeramic flute made with heart and soundCeramic flute made with heart and sound

30, Galhyeon-ro 11-gil, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Reviews (6)
  • Christina B2019-07-06
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    Zeno was really fun! He doesnu2019t speak English, but he does have a PowerPoint to very clearly explains whatu2019s going on in English and several other languages. Heu2019s really good teacher! He does magic at the beginning of his class, just to get you in the mood and be entertaining. There were other students there doing a list things, mostly younger handicapped children. Which I think is amazing that he works with them so well. Everyone was having a lot of fun! I also got to make a mug
  • Ca***P***2018-11-30
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    Had a lot of fun! Loved the venue! The shelves in the art studio are full of beautiful ceramic pieces, everyone was very welcoming and friendly. We made flutes, enjoyed a magic performance and decorated the cups! The instructor was very nice and guided us through the process of making our own fish-shaped flute. We got to try them out right away and they worked! If you have a favorite fish, you can customize your design and make a whale/dolphin/shark/etc. How fun is that? As adults we rarely get to make things with our own hands and to play with clay. This experience was fun and relaxing! Absolutely recommend it! After finishing up with our flutes we were given paper and crayons to draw a design to be printed on our cups. They use a special machine that transfers your drawing onto the cup. It’s a great souvenir to take home and to give to your friends and loved ones! Be creative, be bold, and don’t be afraid to use bright colors! We loved how ours turned out! Whether you are a child or an adult, you are going to have a great time here!
  • Gr***H***2018-11-16
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I strongly recommend this activity to enjoy a special time in Korea! The Magic was amazing and making a dolphin shaped flute with clay was really fun. If I had more time, I would have visited here again. Everyone was very kind and nice!
  • Ca***J***2018-11-06
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I got to make a cute dolphin shaped flute together with zino who is such a funny and kind guy! And he even did a cool magic show for us! I would recommend this lesson for those who never tried ceramics before and just want to try to make something easy^^
  • Jaedevon Ko2018-10-18
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    I am very glad to have paricipated in this relaxing and fun activity. It's a bit challenging, but very satisfying in the end.
  • Lois2018-10-18
    점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1 점수 1
    It's an interesting thing to do as it's mu first time doing it.


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Product can be purchased after moving to the partner company's page

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